Alner Textile’s production units consist of cutting and quality control and finishing departments. Sewing processes are done in our sub contracts. Social audits of these sub contracts have been satisfactorily completed, and the whole production capacity of these sub contracts belongs to us. Sewing processes, which are also done in our sub contracts, are controlled at every stage during the production. The required quality standards are assured by our company.


Alner Textile’s production capacity is 100,000 pcs per month. The production stage starts with tests in our laboratories, and continues with controls which are done by our professional team at every stage. The aim of this detailed and punctilious work is to offer you top quality products.


Alner Textile firm passed all social audits and gained BSCI approval. These tests are conducted by independent international inspection companies. İn addition, our company has an Eko-Tex 100 statement which makes clear our intention to preserve ecological balances and the environment.

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